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Kris Kringles

Adopted 1/25/2020


Adopted 1/17/2020

Jack Frost

RIP 1/6/2020

This is a hard one, however I’d like to think it was a success, as part of my rescue is hospice. Jack had a lot of things wrong with him medically, but he had the biggest heart and wanted to always be around people. He had FIP ( feline infectious peritonitis) the dry form. It is a fatal virus and the dry form is extremely aggressive. He could not move quickly or control his bowls, so he wore diapers. With the 3 weeks I had with Jack I was able to spoil him, and give him comfort. Eventually I could tell the virus was taking over. I had to make the decision to let Jack cross the rainbow bridge, and as hard as the decision was, I spent the whole weekend beforehand with him and I know he went peacefully. This is a perfect example of how rescuing can be hard, but when I can make sure a cat isn’t suffering, it’s a success.

Sammy & Mickey

Adopted 12/20/2019


Adopted 12/19/2019

When Grace was found at a farm in PA with her siblings, they had all been infested with fleas, conjunctivitis, worms, etc. Grace had a disease that started in her eye before it was ever able to open. Through her fostering we tried everything to save the eye, but her eye eventually died and we had to have it removed. None of these set backs ever stopped Grace from being a spunky, loving kitten. She now lives with 3 human siblings, one kitty and one doggy sibling. She fits right in and has all the love in the world.

Kiwi & Layla

Adopted 11/23/2019

These sweethearts were adopted by a guest of my salon, A Do or Dye. I had the kittens in the salon with me the day Debbie was in for her appointment. Debbie had unexpectedly lost her husband and as a recent empty-nester, she was in need of some company. It was truly meant to be. Here is a quote from Debbie, “I honestly don’t know where I would be emotionally if I didn’t have them in my life. I am beyond grateful”. This is another reason I do what I do. Not only saving these little kittens, I am also helping humans heal too. Debbie's house is exactly where they needed to be, loved and part of a family.



Adopted 11/15/2019

At three weeks old, Frank was my first bottle baby. He was strong from the beginning, quickly wanting to eat from a saucer instead of the bottle. He was so tiny, I had to integrate him into my personal crew, and bring him to work with me everyday, where he became the A Do or Dye mascot and was snuggled by everyone. He followed me everywhere, even slept with my husband and I every night, and would come when you called his name. He is one of a kind and taught so many people what being a cat is all about and how much love they need. He stole everyone's heart as soon as they met this little ginger. He was adopted by a coworker, or should I say her daughter, who loves him dearly. He now has two other kitty siblings.

Mr Gray.jpg

Mr. Gray

Adopted 10/25/2019



Adopted 9/8/2019

Ainsley started out shy but always curious. She stayed close enough to see what I was doing, but far enough where I couldn’t touch her. Her sister and brother, whom I also rescued, were adopted first. Since she was the only kitten of that litter left, I let her join my personal crew. It was amazing to see her change immediately. She started sleeping with me every night, would snuggle on the couch, and follow my every step. Another amazing guest of A Do or Dye adopted Ainsley. She now has two doggy siblings and two kitty siblings. She is spoiled and will never be alone!



Adopted 8/27/2019

Willow was found in a woodpile with 2 other siblings; she was the protector of the group, always putting herself in between me and them, but within a week they began trusting me. At a home visit with both of her siblings, they hid under the couch, but once coaxed out, Willow made her self at home with her new mommy. I had never experienced her being so cuddly (she was always little Miss Independent), she sat right next to her new mom and fell asleep. Shortly after Willow picked her home, her soon to be dad contacted me to plan a little surprise! Mitchell was going to integrate Willow’s adoption into a proposal to his girlfriend.  While signing the contract, Mitchell got down on one knee and proposed to Kylee. It was such an awesome experience to be a part of and I was soooo happy to see Willow join such a sweet family.



Adopted 8/18/2019



Adopted 2/10/2019



Adopted 2/8/2019



Adopted 1/12/2019

simon and sassy.png

Simon & Sassy

Adopted 1/12/2019

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