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Miss Lexi is around 3 years old. She was adopted in 2020 and recently returned to the rescue. Her previous owners expressed their issue with her bathroom etiquette. She does not cover her stool which can lead to her stepping in it. Sometimes that's an issue when a kitten is found young and their mother was killed before she could teach them to cover their stool. While being at the rescue the first time and now, she has never displayed any bathroom issues as described. We also provide many litter box options to prevent these issues. Lexi is a wonderful girl, she deserves a furever home. She will do well alone, or with other cats. I believe kids 8 and older would best suite her. She is stressed here at the rescue in our foster room. She is yearning for a lap to permanently snuggle and love unconditionally. Her adoption fee is waived. There is a small fee for her microchip transfer. All of Lexi's medical histoy will be provided as well. 



Little Miss Lena was found at the bus stop on a frozen morning. Her eyes and nose were crusted shut with pus. She was slowly freezing and starving to death. She would not have made it another day outside if she wasn't found. I immediately started to slowly warm her up. I did warm compresses on her eyes and nose to slowly free away the infection. Pus oozed immediately. I started eye ointment immediately and by the end of the day she was eating on her own, using the litter box, could see, and smell!! She is a strong little girl. Lena is SOOOOO affectionate. She will have no repercussions from the brink of death she experienced. Her brother was found and is at the humane society, unfortunately another sibling was found dead later tht day. She is one lucky girl. Her eyes are looking wonderful. She loves to play, has the loudest purr, loves to head butt you and show you how much she loves you.  She is an absolute doll baby. She will be ready for adoption the beginning of April after she is fully vetted.



I have been fostering Elisa thru the Carroll County Humane Society. I can execute her adoption. Her adoption fee is $100. She is fully vetted and ready to be adopted. Elisa is about 8 months old. She is the softest little chunky kitty! She will talk you through how to feed her, shes a chatty girl at feeding time. She LOVES other kitties! She is warming up to my dog! She will do better with older kids but she can tolerate young ones. Elisa is a cuddle bug but she will need an adjustment period. She has her moments of being shy, but she is so curious about you! When I can pick her up, she purrs soooooo loud and is a squishy, soft ball of mush! I am not sure why she has been at my rescue for so many months. Shes a wonderful little girl.

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